Georgia Mountains CFO Scholarship Programs

It is our desire for everyone who would like to experience a Georgia Mountains CFO camp and help enrich their journey with Jesus be able to. To assist with allowing this desire to be a reality, we offer several types of scholarships each with their unique focus. The scholarships we offer are as follows: (please click on the scholarship to find out more about it and apply for one of them or all.) . All scholarships require an application to be filled out and emailed or mailed to the the scholarship contact.


Dublon Camp Discount Voucher Scholarship

This scholarship is for campers 13 and older who will attend creative writing sessions at the camp or retreat.  This scholarship is for every first time CFO camper regardless of a financial need, and returning campers on an as-needed basis. These scholarships are underwritten by the Association of Camps Farthest Out.


Katie Klinect Memorial Fund Scholarship

This scholarship was established in loving memory of Katie Klinect.  Katie was an integral part of camp, first as a participant in the children’s ministry, then as a youth and finally as a young adult.  She cared passionately about Jesus and poured out that passion on the youth of camp as well as so many others.  She will be loved and greatly missed by her CFO family.  This scholarship is available to any first time adult camper and it may be combined with other scholarships.  The scholarship is underwritten by the Zone 8 CFO Katie Klinect Memorial Fund.


Dixie Dobra Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established in loving memory of Dixie Dobra. Dixie was a long time camper at Georgia Mountains CFO who lost a battle with cancer in 2003. This scholarship is intended to provide a way for a family to come to Georgia Mountains CFO who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend. This scholarship is awarded based on need and the specifics of the family’s situation. This scholarship is for registration, room and board.  This scholarship is underwritten by Georgia Mountains CFO based on the generous donations of campers.


Gloria Flynn Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established in loving memory of Gloria Flynn. Gloria was at the very first Georgia Mountains CFO in 1973 and continued to attend every year until she went home to be with the Lord in 2005. This scholarship goes towards the recipient’s room and board costs. This scholarship is awarded based on need and situation.  This scholarship is available for a single person or family but is not limited to first timers.  This scholarship is generously provided by the Georgia Baptist Conference Center and is limited to one person or a family up to 2 adults and 2 children.


General Scholarships

At Georgia Mountains CFO, we believe no one should stay at home for lack of funds.  So on top of all these scholarships listed above, we also have general scholarships to help those out that may not have all of the funds in order to come to camp.  This is not limited to age or first time campers.  It is for anyone that may need a little assistance.  We have limited funds for these scholarships so they are on a first come first serve basis.  If you may need some help please fill out the form attached to the apply button.  

For more information about these scholarships or for general scholarship information please click on the scholarship name or email

Applications may be mailed to:

Ashlee Hedges
Georgia Mountains CFO
1951 Shoreline Trace
Grayson, GA 30017