TYPICAL DAILY SCHEDULE

 Daily 7:00am Meditations
   8:00am Breakfast
   9:15am Praise & Worship
  9:45am Morning Talk
  10:30am Devotion in Motion
  11:30am Creatives
  12:30am Lunch
  1:30pm Free Time Starts
  4:15pm Prayer Groups
  5:30pm – 6:45pm Dinner
  7:15pm Praise & Worship
  8:00pm Evening Talk
  9:00pm 9′ O’clock prayer
  9:05pm Fellowship
  11:00pm Quiet Time / Lights Out


    A common format that is followed was envisioned and implemented by Glenn Clark, the founder of Camps Farthest Out, to achieve the balance of body, mind, and spirit in listening and participating, taking in and giving out.  A brief explanation of the various parts of the daily program follows:

The CFO Program ……..

Meditation: beginning each day in a quiet time with God, experiencing His presence (bring any instruments)
Singing: joining with one another in spirit-filled and joyful worship.
Speakers: sharing their personal experiences and spiritual
walks for inspirations.
Devoition in Motion: using physical exercise as a means of experiencing wholeness of body, mind, and spirit
Creatives: listening to God and allowing Him to create through you, using art, drama, writing, conversation, dance and witnessing.
Prayer Groups: sharing our hearts and communicating with God in prayer.

Come and Join us on July 1,2019 at The Georgia Baptist Conference Center in Toccoa, Georgia.